Re-Steel Tool to Plate (TTP)  repurposes obsolete Invar tools into Invar plate.

  • Re-Steel extracts scrap and end-of-life composite tools from Prime and tooling contractor facilities.
  • Re-Steel then breaks down, remelts, and converts the extracted scrap and end-of-life composite tools into new, high-quality plate to support future composite structures tooling applications.
  • This closed-loop supply program produces circularity of critical materials, cost savings, reduced environmental impacts, and reduced supply chain and pricing risks, by localizing a global supply chain within the Prime’s or subcontractor’s operations.
  • No cash outlay to Prime because tooling contractor pays service fee for repurposed plate at price per pound substantially below market.
  • TTP conserves natural resources (nickel, iron, water, and energy sources) and reduces carbon output and mining of raw materials.
  • Alternatively, extracted composite tools can be stored and catalogued by RE-Steel at strategically located facilities for customers’ future use or conversion decisions.

Recycle Programs for Tooling Fabricators

Composite Tooling & Scrap collected at customer locations

  • No charge for hauling or provision of equipment
  • Re-Steel Scrap bins on-site at customer locations
  • Certified weight tickets
  • Credits may be applied to customer invoices or exchanged for new Invar products

Composite Tooling materials managed and converted by Re-Steel:

  • Invar
  • 6061 Aluminum
  • Graphite
  • BMI
  • Carbon Steel
  • Kirksite


Re-Steel TTP Program
50335 Patricia Ave Chesterfield, MI 48051
[email protected]