Re-Steel Tooling Services manage, catalogue and repurpose tooling assets for the composite structure industry.

Tooling Logistics

Tooling Conversion

  • Our first step is to identify and retrieve composite tools throughout your facilities worldwide.
  • Tools are managed and cataloged at our regional facilities.
  • Evaluation of tool with customer to determine best use for asset.
  • Tool can be returned, transferred for use or converted into new raw material.
  • Re-Steel Tool Storage reduces overhead cost by over 40%.
  • Conversion of under-utilized tooling assets into raw material offers maximum value back to the customer.
  • Re-Steel manages the breakdown of tools and the conversion into low cost raw materials for specific future tooling.
  • Semi finished inventory for size flexibility of sizes for design engineers and future tooling packages.
  • Customer retains ownership and the value of the asset throughout entire process.
  • Low-cost material made available to customer tooling contractors decreases future tool production costs.
  • Conversion costs will be deferred to tooling subcontractors

Composite Tooling materials
managed and converted by Re-Steel:

  • Invar
  • 6061 Aluminum
  • Graphite
  • BMI
  • Carbon Steel
  • Kirksite

Re-Steel Tooling Services include:

  • On-demand reporting systems
  • Technology for efficient storage
  • Facilities located to support customers needs

Customer Benefits:

  • Environmentally sustainable by conserving & reusing source materials.
  • Protects against commodity volatility such as nickel & iron.
  • Closed loop program secures customer supply chain at firm fixed price for future tooling programs.
  • Provides greater value and efficiency than traditional surplus reclamation sale.
  • Invar tools return 3 times the value through conversion vs. reclamation.
  • 6061 Aluminum tools return 2 times the value through conversion vs. reclamation.

Re-Steel Tooling Services
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